Replace Racism With Justice
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Racism is White Supremacy

Racism is White Supremacy


Why did the United States of America never abolish slavery?  Why are neighborhoods where African Americans reside impoverished and full of desperation?  Why are so many Black men in prison and why do law enforcement officials continue to gun down African Americans in the street like rabid dogs?  Why has education and increased economic opportunity for African Americans not produced equality amongst Black and White, and why has President Obama, the first Black President been ineffective in solving all of these problems?  Until those who are classified as Black understand the system of Racism (White Supremacy), answers to these questions and any solutions to remedy these problems will continue to be inaccurate.  

This e-book is an introduction to a line of thinking that explains racism exclusively as White Supremacy, which we have concluded is the greatest source of pain and suffering on the planet.  If you are classified as Black, are a non-White person, or a person who classifies themselves as White and interested in countering racism, purchase this e-book and begin your personal study on the greatest problem of our time.